Redcord Clare and Client

There are fewer than 30 Redcord Active Specialists (RACs) in the country, but CORE has 2 in-house. We offer an apprenticeship to employees for Redcord's Introduction & Multi-Suspension courses and for the Active Advanced course. This apprenticeship includes forty hours of observation, practice teaching, and lessons. We also offer work-study options for our trainees.

Redcord’s Active Track teacher training program consists of the Introduction & Multi-Suspension courses, the Active Advanced course, and the Active Pro course. Trainees are qualified to teach Redcord to clients upon completion of any of these. To become a licensed Redcord Active Specialist (RAC), you must complete all three courses and pass a final exam.

The Redcord Active Track program has 3 steps:

  1. Introduction & Multi-Suspension: Two one-day courses of seven hours each. The Introduction course details Principles of Redcord Exercise. The Multi-Suspension course includes Full Body Suspension and Rotational Exercise.

  2. Active Advanced: A two-day course in which you’ll learn to offload a client’s body weight. This course covers topics Functional Tests and Movement Screening, Kinetic Chain Testing, and Corrective Exercise.

  3. Active Pro: A two-day course which covers topics: Personal Exercise Plans, Case Studies, and concludes with the exam to qualify as a Redcord Active Specialist (RAC).

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