Teacher Training: GYROTONIC®

The only fully-equipped GYROTONIC® studio in Atlanta, CORE offers an unparalleled, comprehensive array of Gyrotonic and GYROKINESIS® teacher training courses. We have a resident Master Trainer (our studio Director, Jessica Gowen), and regularly host other renowned Master Trainers.

We guide trainees from pre-training through certification. We offer private and group pre-training courses throughout the year, and apprentice-only workouts to foster community and help answer questions. We provide Apprentice Reviews, Foundation Courses, and Specialized Equipment Courses at least once a year. We also offer work-study options for our trainees.

New Teachers

CORE offers discounted packages for prospective teachers who plan to complete their Gyrotonic teacher training program at our studios. For trainees who wish to complete their apprenticeship at CORE, we offer a structured apprenticeship process that grooms interested teachers for future employment at CORE. We also offer a work-study option for our trainees.

Continuing Education

We regularly offer courses, including Update and Special Equipment courses, to satisfy the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis bi-annual update requirements.