Our movement offerings are customized to you.
From beginner to advanced, and from private to small group, we have a session to suit each client's style.

Each movement session is 50 minutes and focuses on one of our methods: Pilates, GYROTONIC®, or Redcord.

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A one-on-one session with an expert instructor who uses our spectrum of equipment to craft a customized workout for you.

We empower you to build an independent practice by taking time to help you understand the equipment and by modifying exercises to appropriately challenge your unique body.

Appropriate for:

All clients in any discipline, from beginner to advanced. All clients recovering from an injury start with private sessions.



One of our instructors guides two clients together through our suite of equipment.

Duets offer our high level of customization and individual attention while providing an opportunity for clients to enjoy a workout with a friend.

Appropriate for:

Clients with similar levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.


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Four similarly-leveled clients work together across an apparatus, guided by one of our expert instructors.

CORE's alternative to classes, semi-private sessions provide the community of a small group with the individualized attention our clients love.

Appropriate for:

An opportunity to get to know other members of the CORE community at lower price point, semi-privates complement your Private movement practice.

We recommend:
One private session and one duet or semi-private session per week.

Semi-Private Schedule

Below is a view-only version of our live schedule. Please contact us to book.

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