October Featured Instructor: Darlene

Each month we will be featuring one team member and their unique qualities that they bring to CORE and our clients. We hope you get to know each of us a little better and consider training with someone new. This month we are diving deeper with Darlene!


CORE Buckhead: What brought you to the movement method that you teach?
Darlene: I was first introduced to Pilates after injuring my back while playing racquetball. My body was so stiff and inflexible. After completing Physical Therapy I knew my healing and recovery didn’t stop there. Something else was needed to get me back to what I describe as my “functional state “ of movement with ease.

CB: How long have you been teaching?
D: Seven Years.

CB: What do you like most about teaching?
D: Teaching Pilates is empowering and powerful. I feel a bi-directional flow of energy. Giving as well as receiving. Each time I step out my Pilates principals accompany me. It’s become a “Lifestyle”. My aim is not perfection but improvement.

CB: What is your favorite thing about teaching beginners?
D: Remembering I was once there!

CB: What do you hope your clients get out of their sessions?
D: A sense of fulfillment. Something I’ve said made a difference.

CB: What is one piece of advice that you have for clients who are just getting started? One piece of advice for people who have had a long-term practice?
D: Don’t quit. Each class makes a difference. Continue to challenge yourself!

Thanks for following along and letting CORE be your catalyst for health and fitness. Next month, we will be featuring Ed. Stay tuned!

Plus, new clients who book with Darlene during the month of October get special pricing with a $49 private session. Click here for more info.

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