August Featured Client: Meet Susan M.

CORE Buckhead: What brought you to CORE?
Susan M.: The activities of my life required that I be a lot stronger than I currently found myself. I decided Pilates was the safest way to achieve that goal, since it is difficult to get injured doing Pilates… And injuries set you back because of the time off.

CB: How long have you been at CORE?
SM: I have been working out at CORE Buckhead for 14 months.

CB: What is your favorite thing about working out at CORE?
SM: The variety available - methods and instructors.

CB: How has CORE helped you in your daily life? In your fitness abilities?
SM: I can effortlessly carry twelve 16-oz bottles of water up my 29 stairs. Sometimes more!

CB: What would your world look like without CORE?
SM: Weak and have no cute gym clothes! 🤣🤣🤣 Definitely wardrobe simplification.

CB: How has CORE helped you achieve your goals?
SM: I see constant incremental improvement. Their instructors change things up frequently so you can’t get bored.

CB: What movements you can now perform that you thought were impossible before you arrived at CORE?
SM: 40 bridges per session — and at least 20 are one legged!