August Featured Instructor: Falashay

Each month we will be featuring one team member and their unique qualities that they bring to CORE and our clients. We hope you get to know each of us a little better and consider training with someone new.

CORE Buckhead: What brought you to the movement method that you teach?


Falashay: I started working at CORE as a Client Care Team member. As part of the on boarding process, Jessica gave me the chance to take 5 private lessons. I did one Pilates and thought it was neat, one RedCord and was confused, but then I tried GYROTONIC and I was in love! It spoke to my soul and to my capabilities. The breathing made sense, the movements made sense and I knew I had to keep going. I actually cried after my first lesson because I couldn’t believe I’d spent 27 years of my life without knowing that GYROTONIC existed!

CB: How long have you been teaching?

F: I’ve been teaching GYROTONIC for over 2 years now and I’ve been a Pilates apprentice for 14 months.

CB: What do you like most about teaching?

F: I love seeing the joy in a clients face when they start to understand the rhythm of GYROTONIC. When they can stay out of their head and let the breath and movements guide them. I love teaching people who haven’t ever heard of GYROTONIC about the system. I also love when a client comes and says, “what we did last week really freed up my body,” it lets me know that I can make a small difference in the lives of others.

CB: What is your favorite thing about teaching beginners?

F: I like teaching beginners because I love introducing the system to new people. I truly love breaking down the movements and showing clients how the information is cumulative and only gets deeper and more rich as you go. It’s so wonderful to see the things that click and the things that don’t. The imbalances that a new client starts with and how they get better over time. I truly love teaching GYROTONIC!

CB: What do you hope your clients get out of their sessions?

F: I always hope my clients get a deeper connection to their breath and body as they move. GYROTONIC is about using breath and intention to expand through movement. I’m always trying to figure out new ways to encourage my clients and how I can attack issues they may be having with their bodies. I always want my clients feeling better than they did when they arrived!

CB: What is one piece of advise that you have for clients who are just getting started? One piece of advice for people who have had a long-term practice?

F: For someone who is just starting I would say that consistency is key. When I first started practicing Gyrotonic I couldn’t lift my arms above my head without being in intense pain. My arms would go numb and my shoulders would tingle. Regular practice for six months as well as six months of chiropractic care is what finally took that intense pain and tingling away. For someone who has had a long-term practice I would say don’t ever get to a place where you feel like there’s nothing left to learn. Sometimes being stagnant and repetitive is a true disservice to your practice. Try new teachers, try new modalities of movement, don’t be afraid to use new pieces of equipment when your instructor suggests it. All of those things will keep your practice fresh. You’ll never stop learning even when you’re a master trainer!

Thanks for following along and letting CORE be your catalyst for health and fitness. Next month, we will be featuring Tess. Stay tuned!