Membership Sale runs January 30 - February 1

Our membership sale isn’t just about losing weight, or toning up, it’s about cultivating health as a habit. We wholeheartedly want to see people stick with their goals way past the first few months of the year and make fitness a part of their life.

There are several reasons how membership can give you an extra push towards your big goals.

  • Membership = commitment. You have a dedicated time slot and a dedicated budget line item. You KNOW you are doing this for the long haul.

  • Membership = savings. Most custom memberships can help you save between $500-$1000 annually when compared to package prices! 

  • Our memberships are flexible! We can customize ANY 12-month membership plan to fit your schedule. Will you be out of town for 2 months in the summer? Do you travel often? Take advantage of the lowest per session price possible by customizing a membership to your needs based on the amount of sessions that you can reasonably attend during the 12-month period. With a 12-month membership, you can also freeze your membership for 1 month during the course of your membership term.

  • Memberships are predictable .Monthly payments help spread out the cost of your membership to better fit your budget and keep you on track with your commitment to your health.

  • If you can't commit to 12 months, we also offer 6-month standard (non-custom) memberships ONLY available during our Signature Sale.

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We’d love for you to join the CORE Buckhead community as we decimate our goals, one small step at a time.

If a healthier, pain-free, stress-less, energetic life was on your holiday wishlist, then this is the first small step you need to take.

Call the studio at 404-814-2272 to get started. Hurry, this sale ends at 7P tomorrow!