Client Brittany C. Shares Her CORE Story

"CORE has brought strength (mentally and physically) back to my life."
-Brittany C.

Have you been feeling held back by your body? You're not alone! Brittany C. has always been a go-getter, in both her career and her community, but a knee injury eight months before her wedding day left her feeling discouraged and stuck in a workout rut.

That's when Brittany discovered CORE.

How did Brittany go from injured and a Pilates newbie to one of our strongest clients? Here's Brittany's story, in her own words:

Brittany shares a smile with instructor Kimberly and her fellow  semi-private  members.

Brittany shares a smile with instructor Kimberly and her fellow semi-private members.

"After my knee injury, I became comfortable with my excuse to not work out. Going to work, coming home, and sitting on the couch became my routine for almost 3 months. I was discouraged- I didn't think my motivation to get fit would be this low, knowing that my wedding day was approaching. I needed to do something about it fast!

I did a ton of research on workouts I could do that wouldn't involve running, since that seemed to make my pain worse.  I stumbled upon CORE and tried it out! It was intimidating at first because I thought Pilates was for really "fit" people, but I was so wrong! It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. 

CORE has been more than just a studio or workout for me! It has brought strength (mentally and physically) back to my life.  My instructor Kimberly brought community to my life with the support of our semi-private group during my big wedding planning milestones. And believe it or not, on many occasions, Kimberly would even stay late to help me practice my walk down the isle.

It may have been luck that brought me to CORE at the beginning, but it's more than that now. It's the purpose they bring to each person's life, knowing that they will give you more than you ever thought!

I have been at CORE for almost 2 years now and love the team that supports me in all I am trying to accomplish!"

Brittany had never done Pilates when she tried her first Private Session at CORE in 2016. But she's grown into one of our strongest and most consistent semi-private clients. It's hard to believe she was ever a newbie! We're inspired by Brittany's dedication, persistence, and power.

Brittany's story isn’t the only one like it. Countless people have experienced mind-body transformations at CORE that empowered them for life's big moments. And each journey has been beautifully different.

Your CORE story is waiting. Are you ready to live it?