New Faces on our Instructor Team

We're excited to welcome Mileta and welcome back Kayley to our Instructor team! And you know Falashay from our Client Care team, but she's now a certified Gyrotonic instructor!

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Mileta Smith

Mileta's Pilates journey began in 2009 when, after many years of weight training, she found in Pilates the mind-body connection she'd been seeking in fitness. She completed her Classical Pilates certification in 2014 under the tutelage of Patricia Russell.

Mileta has pursued continuing education with renowned masters including Bob Liekens and The Pilates Center's co-founder Rachel Taylor Segel. A member of the Authentic Pilates Union, Mileta enjoys continuously enhancing her training to benefit both her clients and her own Pilates practice.

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  • Tuesday 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 6-8pm

Kayley Pallas
Gyrotonic & Redcord

We're thrilled to welcome longtime Gyrotonic & Redcord instructor Kayley Pallas back to our teaching team! A CORE team member since 2007, Kayley's returning after taking a break from teaching to start her family.

An Atlanta native, Kayley discovered Gyrotonic in San Francisco, CA after a back injury sidelined her early ballet career. The relief Gyrotonic provided for her lifelong issues with joint, back, and chronic pain inspired Kayley to help others feel the same transformation. She pursued her Gyrotonic certification in 2008 at CORE. Kayley is interested in helping clients from a holistic perspective and enjoys integrating Gyrotonic with Redcord to tailor sessions to the specific needs of each client. She especially loves working with people who have chronic pain or joint issues, and with post-natal mothers and athletes.

Kayley Pallas, Gyrotonic & Redcord Instructor


  • Wednesdays 11am - 2pm
  • Thursdays 10am - 2pm

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Falashay Pearson


Falashay's Acting BFA program at DePaul University's prestigious Theatre School prioritized body awareness through movement, with techniques such as Feldenkrais, African dance, and Viewpoints. Falashay also has a passion for yoga, kickboxing, and discovering new physical pursuits. Falashay moved from Chicago to Atlanta for an acting internship with Actor's Express Theatre Company in 2014. Her training and personal wellness pursuits led Falashay to CORE first as a member of our Client Care team, and then to our Gyrotonic Teacher Training program. Above all else, Falashay appreciates CORE's individualized approach to wellness and loves that our goal is to empower all clients to achieve mind-body wellness.


  • Monday 8am - 2pm
  • Tuesday 8am - 2pm
  • Wednesday 8am - 2pm

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These instructors exemplify our CORE values of authenticity, adaptability, growth, and passion for transforming lives through movement. We're happy to welcome these great teachers to our team!